We subscribe to the FIEC Statement of Faith and the Yorkshire Gospel Partnership Statement of Faith. We also have seven doctrinal distinctives.

The Statements of Faith are a summary of the essential Christian beliefs which define us as a Bible-centred church. These are fundamental Christian beliefs. The Doctrinal Distinctives are important areas of belief and practice upon which we recognise that other true evangelical Christians may hold different views. Christian’s who hold a different position are still welcome into membership.

Bethel Church's Doctrinal Distinctives

  1. The Sovereignty of God 
    We believe in God’s sovereignty in all things, but not in a way that negates human responsibility.
  2. The Sword of the Spirit 
    We believe the Spirit works through His Word, the Bible, to bring new life and conformity to the likeness of Christ, but it should be understood, explained and applied in the light of Christ.
  3. The Pursuit of Joy in God 
    We believe joy in God is His gift to be shown in every aspect of the Christian life; it is always to be pursued, but not always expected.
  4. The Ministry of Every Believer 
    We believe that every believer has a responsibility to minister to other believers, but some are set apart to full-time ministry.
  5. The Mission of Every Believer 
    We believe every believer is a missionary where they are, but some are sent to the ends of the Earth.
  6. The Priority of the Local Church 
    We believe every community should have a church of local believers where the Gospel can be heard and where the Word is faithfully taught.
  7. The Practice of Believers’ Baptism 
    We believe full immersion of believers as a public witness to their faith is the Biblical mode of baptism, but believers holding an alternative position in line with the FIEC statement of faith are welcome into membership.