Over the past 103 years Bethel Church has been around we have met at various locations across Otley.

In March 2020 we finally purchased a permanent home for our church family- 20-24 Westgate (formerly Artamis Gifts). The building is currently undergoing renovations to make it suitable to meet in. See below for updates:


Update: November 2020

A kitchen area has been put into the back hall and that area is nearly finished, and is currently being painted. An extra room has been partitioned upstairs for a Sunday school room for the older children. Work on the upstairs windows will start soon, as well as work on the disabled loos.

Update: June 2020

Renovations have now begun. Originally we were hoping to be ready by mid Autumn, but lockdown has pushed this back a bit.

Here are some of the things we will be doing:

  • Putting in toilets downstairs including disabled ones.
  • Making the upstairs suitable for our children’s groups
  • Putting in a small kitchen downstairs so that we can serve tea and coffee.
  • Improving the fire escapes and making them suitable for wheelchairs
  • Installing a stairlift
  • Redecorating

When everything is ready we plan to have an open day so you can look round our new facilities.

Watch our latest video to see what’s going in the building at the moment

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